Christmas Bird Count Report

Bonnie Swarbrick, President of the Friends, coordinates the Christmas Bird Count on Buenos Aires NWR. She has coordinated it since 1999! Here is the final tally for 2020 on Buenos Aires.

Bonnie’s highlights:
  • A total of 97 species!
    • This is very good, considering that birds were sparse this year, due probably to dry conditions.
  • A great day for Black-throated Sparrows (335)
  • HYBRID SAPSUCKER!  Red-naped x Red-breasted
    • Seen by David Griffin in area 2 (Arivaca Creek)  
    • Seen by Jim Ambrose and Barry Stevenson in area 9 (mixed habitat south of Arivaca Road)
Other Highlights:
  • 1 White-tailed Kite (area 10S) – only on 8 of the 33 BA counts
  • 1 Western Scrub-Jay – on 9 of total counts
  • 69 Rock Wren – The refuge high, with 48 the closest in the past
  • 5 Eastern Bluebirds – only seen on five other counts. 
    • It was nice to have all 3 bluebird species
Low Counts:
  •  3 Song Sparrows 
  • 1 Lincoln’s Sparrow — record low
  • 4 RW Blackbirds — tied for a record low
  • 1 Great-tailed Grackle — tied for a record low.

Thank you all for participating, and hopefully many or most of you will be back for the next count!

Here is the complete count list:

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