A Season on the Refuge:  Spring 2024

The Visitor Center

The Visitor Center happens to be one of the best locations for spotting wildlife –  reptiles, invertebrates, mammals, and especially birds.  With three water sources nearby, you can often spot wildlife coming in for a drink, especially during the drier seasons.  In spring you might see nesting flycatchers, vireos, warblers and barn swallows.  For the past few years we’ve also had nesting ravens and owls.

The Ponds

Triangle Pond is probably the busiest of our permanent water sources.  Every spring there is a new crop of baby Coots and various visiting migrants.  Some just stop for a day, some like it so much they might hang around for a couple of weeks.  You never know what you might find!

The Grasslands

These wide open spaces are home to our pronghorn, deer, coyote, javelina and grassland birds.  We’ve expanded our current herd by bringing in pronghorn from northern and eastern Arizona, but we’ve also increased numbers with new births!  Over the past few weeks, six pronghorn fawns have been spotted grazing in small herds with adult females.  

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