About Friends

The Friends is a group of citizens dedicated to supporting the mission of preserving and perpetuating the wildlife and wild lands that are part of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. We welcome you to the world of semi-desert grasslands, sky island mountains, and desert waterways.

As volunteers, we work to enhance public awareness and understanding of refuge’s natural history and ecology. We work in harmony with the refuge to provide the greatest benefit for the present and help assure the legacy of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in perpetuity.

The Friends were founded in 1996 and have provided a wide variety of programs and services to the Refuge and the public. We offered several educational classes such as photography,  and wildlife identification. Some of these classes were overnight and the participants stayed in the Environmental Education Center in Brown Canyon.

Friends of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that supports Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. We assist the Refuge in restoring and protecting native Sonoran habitats and wildlife and in providing wildlife-oriented education and recreation.

We seek out and acquire funding for both environmental conservation activities and wildlife conservation activities that are identified by the Refuge management as part of their mission.